Do not give up on your tests

After the first battle is won and your team finally is writing tests in their projects it comes the new challenge: Not to abandon the tests.

Let’s face it, lots of projects start with the decision of “let’s make things right this time, let’s have a nice architecture and let’s write tests to cover all the different situations”, and after some point some features are delivered with no tests, or some tests are failing and to makes things easier the deployment process will not run the tests anymore.

I saw it happening before and I still see this happening, and this sad for lots of different reasons. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I also did that at some point, but this is a general issue that we, as a community of developers and testers, should face and fix. Even small actions on a daily basis can make the difference. Actually, I would say that the small actions on a daily basis are the difference. testing should be part of the development process, not a phase after the development is “done”.

I wrote a couple of blog posts in 2015 and I still see them as relevant now a days, because I still have the option that you have to make your code testable and after starting you should not give up on your tests.

One thought on “Do not give up on your tests”

  1. Thanks for your post Evaldo!
    I remember from my developper’s days how easy it was to “just code the thing” without caring for tests, pretending to myself that it is “only to get started”, to “add tests later” – only to find later that pressure from business no longer leaves me enough time to catch up with the test debt!
    You even get comments like “last time you were brilliantly fast – now you say you need time to automate tests. Aw, come on! The thing is already coded and done…”

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